Estrint: optimization in costs and time

25 years as a delegated property

Dedicated in its beginnings to the management of maintenance and optimization of resources of large hotels, subsequently focuses its experience on the figure of delegated property for constructions of different sizes around the world. Also, it stands out for the realization of residential house of high standing so much for investment as by final owner.

Lower cost and high quality. This is achieved for a simple reason: the industrial and materials are invoiced directly to the customer. Without going through intermediaries or third parties, managing to save the costs of the work. In addition, each individual customer benefits from the Estrint discounts obtained by the large volume of purchases that it manages.

Architecture, engineering and interior design

With the eagerness to offer the highest quality both in design and in the execution of a work, in recent years, Estrint has its own technical area. A team of professionals in architecture, engineering and interior design that not only create new projects, but also supervises those external ones in which Estrint acts as a delegated property.

An example is the projects executed abroad. In these, Estrint usually collaborates with studies of architecture of the country or region where they will be carried out, but always under the supervision of the technical department of Estrint.

Logistics area

To control the logistics of a construction is a key factor in having the absolute control of its processes and time. Getting the processes to function as a gear is essential to achieve maximum optimization in any construction. One of the teams of Estrint that help this good operation is the logistics area

Financial-accounting department

In addition, the financial-accounting department, an essential element to achieve the objectives of Estrint. It is the department in charge of the economic control of the work and the management of payments, which brings to the property the peace and security.

Optimization of economic resources

Often, many homeowners are faced with the task of knowing what the best option is to get the most out of one of their assets. Estrint can always provide advice to these owners in order to help them decide on the best option for them.